Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Days of the Week

Our Days of the Week by Xie, Yingzhu & Lin, Jingyi
Theme: Story
Sunday, Snow White Day.
Sunday is our Snow White Day.
Monday, Alice Day.
Monday is our Alice Day.
Tuesday, Big Wolf Days.
Tuesday is our Big Wolf Days.
Wednesday, Seven Dwarfs Days.
Wednesday is our Seven Dwarfs Days.
Thursday, Little Pigs Days.
Thursday is our Little pigs Days.
Friday, Riding Hood Day.
Friday is our Riding Hood Day.
Saturday, Lord of the Ring Day.
Saturday is our Lord of the Ring Day.

Our Days of the Week by Yuan, Qianxiang &Hong, Junkai
Theme: Reptile
Sunday, Alligator Day.
Sunday is our Alligator Day.
Monday, Cobra Day.
Monday is our Cobra Day. 
Tuesday, Chameleon Day.
Tuesday is our Chameleon Day.
Wednesday, Python Day.
Wednesday is our Python Day.
Thursday, Turtle Day.
Thursday is our Turtle Day.
Friday, Lizard Day.
Friday is our Lizard Day. 
Saturday, Dinosaur Day.
Saturday is our Dinosaur Day. 

Our Days of the Week by Huang, Xinyu & Lo, Xiangze

Theme: Places
Sunday, Bookstore Day.
Sunday is our Bookstore Day.
Monday, School Day.
Monday is our School day.
Tuesday, Park Day.
Tuesday is our Park Day.
Wednesday, Library Day.
Wednesday is our Library Day.
Thursday, Church Day.
Thursday is our Church Day.
Friday, Post Office Day.
Friday is our Post Office Day.
Saturday, Museum Day.
Saturday is our Museum Day. 

We Have Fun!

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